Is CNC machining all that good?

Aug 2, 2017 | | Say something

Old Knowledge becomes Obsolete:

In the past, machinists and engineers had to undergo intense trainings before they could become experts at using the manually operated milling machines. However, nowadays, CNC machine operators only need basic supervisory training to operate the machines. All of this consequently means that all the knowledge, training and skills gained in the past have become obsolete as more companies continue to invest heavily in CNC Milling machines.

Cost of Maintenance and Repairs:

It costs far more to invest in CNC Milling machines and tools than in conventional alternatives. Apart from this cost of buying the machines, it also costs more to maintain these large machines. Specialists are required to service and maintain and in the event of damage, repair the heavy duty equipment. This can be a limiting factor for new or existing businesses that relate to this technology.

Did you know that a lot of CNC work is using compressed air? For example vacuum ejectors are used to hold down parts to the table without any other fixture types.

Human Errors:

Whilst these machines are 100% accurate in their precision for cutting materials, pressing the wrong button or translating the wrong designs could still lead to very costly errors in CNC Milling.

Human Error

In conclusion, the benefits of CNC milling will always outweigh the limitations or disadvantages in every situation but when examined closer, there will always be these limiting factors that businesses or potential CNC milling companies must take into account before delving into this fascinating technological world. For a good CNC milling company I’d suggest Ezis Craft Frēzēšana

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