Four People Who Should Start Blogs

Dec 21, 2014 | | Say something

Blogging is constantly becoming an ever more popular means of communication and expression. It can be a form of social networking that allows for more in-depth discussion than other networking sites.

No doubt you know someone who blogs, or you are a regular reader of blogs. It may have got you thinking that perhaps you should start your own blog. Here are four reasons you should.

1. The Mom or Pet Owner

All of us have little ones in our lives that we adore. It may be that we take dozens of photos of them every week. Our friends and family are probably tiring of the constant e-mails of pictures of little Susie, Johnny, or Fido. A blog can be a great solution for this.

A blog will allow you to regularly post updates about your child or pet. Upload the photos of your cute one. Write about your child learning to walk, your dog’s new trick, or a new product you’ve found you love. All of the people you used to e-mail with these updates can check out your blog on their own time, and their inbox won’t be cluttered.

2. The Traveler

This relates back to the first reason to blog a bit. Your friends are tired of your photo slideshows of your latest trip to Thailand. Guess what? I can almost guarantee that at least a few of your friends are jealous of your travels. For whatever reason they’re not able to get out and do what you can on your vacations. It makes them sad to sit through hours of you clicking through photos. Try a blog instead. Post your pictures. Write about funny experiences. Share your best (and worst!) travel tips. You’ll also probably find a whole realm of people who bloggingshare your interest and want to interact.

3. The Collector

Quite a few of us are hiding secret collections in our homes. Maybe we’re afraid people would laugh at us if they knew we had an entire closet of vintage spats. Out in the blog world, though, there are probably a few retro accessory collectors who would love to catch a glimpse of what you have. You probably have also developed a sense of what to look for when you’re out and about in order to find these fabulous pieces. Fellow collectors would love to learn your tips.

4. The Know-It-All

This could be anything. In general, at some point in our lives we have developed an overwhelming interest in a particular topic. We’ve studied it. We’ve developed our own personal theories. Impart this knowledge to the blog world. People enjoy reading more about their favorite subjects, and you’ll no doubt enjoy sharing this information.

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